Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Some pics of Holly

This is the new girl Holly. Not much is known about her past, just that she was rescued from a pound by someone who a week later decided they couldn't keep her because they had a 2yr old child! Some friends of mine took her in rather than her going back to the pound while they found her a new home. She's a bit thin on hair round her back end and tail as she had huge matts in her coat that had to be cut out. She wouldn't let anyone touch her backend and couldn't run properly and when seen by a spinal therapist was discovered to have 7 vertebrae out resulting in numerous trapped nerves. She made a complete recovery after just one treatment and is doing great now.


Vicki said...

shes adorable! That back problem sounds like it must have been horrible for her =(

Nat said...

She looks decidedly showbred to me Kath, have they no idea at all where she came from??

Kath said...

No idea at all. She's about 2yr old and came from Sheffield pound but has been at dogstrust at some point as she has one of their microchips. Its possible she's lived on the streets as well. Other than that, she's a mystery. I thought she looked showbred as well and that she could very well be KC registered but we'll never know.