Sunday, 29 March 2009

Quick Storm update

As I mentioned in my last blog Storm had been checked by Katherine and was found to be a bit stiff in his back legs. He had to have restricted exercise for a few days and plenty of rest. I got him checked again yesterday and his left hind is better now but he's still a bit sore/tight in his right hind. It is most likely due to him holding it up and not using it much while he had the stitches in his foot. So he's been prescribed another week of restricted exercise with on lead walking only and will be checked again at the weekend. He's also on the Arnica to help with the healing.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

And then there were two.

Monty & Storm to be precise as Holly has gone back to Hannah & Al. Unfortunately it wasn't working for her here and we reckoned she'd be better in a one to one home with no other dogs as distractions and where she wouldn't have to share the attention. Hannah & Al decided to take her back and keep her themselves as they didn't want her being passed from home to home which wouldn't have been fair on her. Its a shame really but she just couldn't handle me giving Monty & Storm any attention and would go crazy. I had to do what I felt was best for her.

On the Storm front, he went lame a fortnight ago but came sound after a couple of days and so was able to compete in a starters competition at Markfield. Our team doesn't have enough starter dogs so we joined with Kaos Krew to make a team. All the dogs ran brilliantly and won all the races and the division. Wonder if Storm can make a hat trick as he has competed twice so far and come 1st in both.
I got him checked out by Katherine on Sunday and he has tweaked a back leg and was a little stiff so is taking it easy for a while. This means no training at the weekend but then the weather forecast for Saturday isn't looking good anyway. I mean't to ask if it was the back leg that had been doing all the work while he had the stitches in the other foot and was going along on 3 legs. Fortunately he seems to have stopped going along on 3 legs now and is using the foot as normal.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Storm back in training

Stormy is back in training after slicing through his toepad. Here are a few pics that were taken. You can see the black sky in the background of the first pics and shortly after they were taken the heavens opened and we had a right downpour which mean't further training had to be abandoned.

Here he is doing changeovers with Spike.

And doing the hurdles.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Some pics of Holly

This is the new girl Holly. Not much is known about her past, just that she was rescued from a pound by someone who a week later decided they couldn't keep her because they had a 2yr old child! Some friends of mine took her in rather than her going back to the pound while they found her a new home. She's a bit thin on hair round her back end and tail as she had huge matts in her coat that had to be cut out. She wouldn't let anyone touch her backend and couldn't run properly and when seen by a spinal therapist was discovered to have 7 vertebrae out resulting in numerous trapped nerves. She made a complete recovery after just one treatment and is doing great now.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Shame on me!

Over a month and no blog updates!
A lot has happened since my last blog. Storm somehow managed to slice through one of his toepads and had to have it stitched. He went back a few days later and it was healing ok so didn't need redressing. He just had to wear a sock to prevent him getting to it and to allow it to breathe. He kept having a lick at the sock though so it got a bit soggy and made his foot soft so when he went back to the vets for the stitches removing he'd developed some infection in it. He went on antibiotics and had to wear the sock for a further 10 days! I kept putting antiseptic powder on it to help dry it up and it healed up nicely. He went back to the vets and just had the last remaining stitch removed. He's all back to normal now, well almost. He still does the odd few steps on 3 legs but will hopefully stop doing it after a while.
On another note, I have a new addition to the clan in the shape of a red & white bc bitch called Holly. She is a rescue and hasn't had a good life from what we've ascertained. She settled in fine and quickly figured she could tell Monty off and boss him about. She failed with Storm though who promptly put her in her place when she tried it on with him. She gets on great with Storm though and they have some really hyper playfights and games of tug of war. She will play racy-chasy in the garden with Monty and they get on well. She has started flyball training and can now do full runs in netting and trigger the box for the ball.