Sunday, 11 January 2009

Who's a clever boy

Stormy is :D. I never got around to posting about last weeks training but he had a go at running over full height hurdles. The 7" ones were nothing to him and he was just running over the top of them. He came out first and just did a few runs in a netted lane to give the dog on the other lane someone to run against. When he next came out he went on the open lane with full height hurdles. However, the board wasn't in front of the box and I was a bit concerned as he's never run without it and does perfect turns with it in. Andy said to just try him and see what he did.
He was doing 3 paw turns so Andy put a slat at the base of the box which got the 4th paw on. After a few runs, the slat was just laid on the floor about a foot from the box and this was enough to get him doing the 4 paw turns. All his previous training is obviously drilling into him as he has only ever done proper turns and never been given the opportunity to practice bad turns. Monty came out just to do some runs with the other dogs in his team in preparation for his 1st tournament of the year at Doncaster.