Friday, 8 May 2009

Latest goings on

Not much really. Storm came back into training after cutting his paw and having more time off due to his stiff leg. He's only running over 7" hurdles for now while he builds fitness & condition. He won't be in open until September so there's no rush to get him back on full height. Below is a photo of Monty on the box. Its quite horrendous how he's 'not turning' properly. He will 4 paw turn at home and with the board in front of the box but reverts back to 'this' when in competition and training away from home without the board in. More work is needed methinks. We now have a van to transport them around in. They went for their first ride in it today. They both have their own cage now which will be loads easier than them sharing one. Monty had no problem with it but Storm wasn't so sure about it and was a bit uneasy about the side & back doors being opened and closed. He'll be used to it after a few trips out in it.