Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Huge Catch up

I've been so lazy with my blogs as of late and haven't made one in quite some time. Storm came back into normal exercise after his issues and it continuing to do well. We had a weekend off from flyball back in May so we took the dogs to Rother Valley Country Park (photos below). Storm ran in another starters comp at our own tournament in June in which his team came 2nd. He ran over full height at training recently for the first time since the stiffness was discovered in his back end. We went to the Dogs Unleashed event at Newark showground last weekend where a flyball tournament was being held. Storm wasn't running at this one but he had a go on the 'have-a-go agility' course and did quite well at it. He knew when he'd done and was really pleased with himself. Monty raced on the Sunday but unfortunately didn't do too well as he kept getting lights meaning I was stuffing up and losing the races for the rest of the team. Monty also had a go on the agility and did really well once he figured that he had to jump the poles and not the wings and other imaginary jumps lol. He also had a go at retrieving toys from a paddling pool to which he did well once he twigged that he had to bring them out rather than just play with them in the water. He won himself a biscuit bone which he carried back to the van and ate in his cage.