Tuesday, 24 March 2009

And then there were two.

Monty & Storm to be precise as Holly has gone back to Hannah & Al. Unfortunately it wasn't working for her here and we reckoned she'd be better in a one to one home with no other dogs as distractions and where she wouldn't have to share the attention. Hannah & Al decided to take her back and keep her themselves as they didn't want her being passed from home to home which wouldn't have been fair on her. Its a shame really but she just couldn't handle me giving Monty & Storm any attention and would go crazy. I had to do what I felt was best for her.

On the Storm front, he went lame a fortnight ago but came sound after a couple of days and so was able to compete in a starters competition at Markfield. Our team doesn't have enough starter dogs so we joined with Kaos Krew to make a team. All the dogs ran brilliantly and won all the races and the division. Wonder if Storm can make a hat trick as he has competed twice so far and come 1st in both.
I got him checked out by Katherine on Sunday and he has tweaked a back leg and was a little stiff so is taking it easy for a while. This means no training at the weekend but then the weather forecast for Saturday isn't looking good anyway. I mean't to ask if it was the back leg that had been doing all the work while he had the stitches in the other foot and was going along on 3 legs. Fortunately he seems to have stopped going along on 3 legs now and is using the foot as normal.


An English Shepherd said...

Sorry about Holly but it sounds like you have done the best thing :-)

Vicki said...

Sorry that it didnt work out with Holly. Not the easiest decision to make, but its for the best *hugs*

Nat said...

Oh that's a real shame about Holly, glad Hannah and Al are going to keep her now though :)

Kath said...

It was sad to see her go. More so when I went out to take her food & water bowls out of the cage she'd been using. I didn't notice any change in Monty & Storm when she came but have noticed a change in Monty since she went. He seems more outgoing than he was before.